Meet the Worms

Justin Moody

The Implant Guru

Your host and creator for the podcast. He is a fifth generation farm kid and the first generation to do something other than cows and wheat. Graduating from Crawford High School, attended the University of Nebraska and received his doctorate in Dental Surgery at the University of Oklahoma college of Dentistry. He returned to his hometown of Crawford Nebraska to practice upon his graduation in 1997, it is here that he began his career in implant dentistry. You can reach him at [email protected] or at

Randy Houska

Papa Randy

A true family man, Dr. Randy and his wife, Rita, have six children and several grandchildren. In 2009, his life took an unexpected turn when he and his family became reality stars, appearing on MTV’s #1 rated show, ‘Teen Mom 2′. Over the course of several seasons, he became known as “Chelsea’s dad,” a.k.a. “Papa Randy.” Fans of the show love his snarky, quick-witted attitude, and for being a truly supportive, loving father. He isn’t shy about his experience on the show and engages in speaking events to talk about what it was like being in the public eye for over a decade.

Gabe Olson

The Beer Connoisseur

Gabe started in the Dental world as a Dental assistant on board the USS Tortuga in 1991. Self described as a lousy assistant, he moved on to formal training in dental equipment service and was stationed in Rhode Island keeping all the Navy clinics in New England running smooth. In 1997 he went to work for a dental supply company in as a territory sales rep. In 2003 he relocated the family back to his home town in South Dakota and is currently a territory sales rep.  Nothing quite makes Gabe’s day like a cold Shiner Bock… or two… or six.

John Landers

The Worm

John was born in Okemah, Oklahoma (home of Woody Guthrie) and was destined for a life in the oilfields. However, after his parents divorce, his mom relocated him to Tulsa. As a result he graduated from Tulsa Edison in 1989 all the while spending weekends in the oilfields working alongside his dad, Philip. You can reach him at [email protected]

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