Season One,

Episode 99: The Hamster Wheel of Life / Dentistry and Divorce

March 28, 2017

A ghost from the world of dentistry’s past walked through the doors of the Voices of Dentistry Podcast Summit and we were lucky enough (and honored) to sit him down for a tell-all interview.  Ryan Swain is the founder and former CEO of Six Month Smiles.  He has not been in the world of dentistry for at least the last four years and has in the process become somewhat missing in action.  Suddenly he showed up for the Voices of Dentistry Podcast Summit and we just had to hear his story and see what he’s up to.

Ryan speaks about his history with Six Month Smiles and also goes into the gut-wrenching divorce that has forced him to audit his life and his priorities.  He has a simple warning for all dentists, businessmen, businesswomen— people who work hard and are extremely driven by nature— “slow your ass down and learn to say no sometimes.”  This is a piece of honest advice that all dentists, businessmen and women should take to heart.

To find a balance on this hamster wheel of life— that is truly the key to finding peace and happiness.

Along with Ryan Swain and the usual suspects, Justin, Gabe and Jeff, we were also joined by Danny Domingue.  We wish Ryan Swain all the luck and good fortune as he continues his journey on the hamster wheel. We would definitely love to have him back!

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