Season One,

Episode 87: Updated Confessions of a Dental Student

February 10, 2017

Back in November (Episode 41) we had an aspiring young dental student (currently heading into his senior year of undergrad) named Brandon Evert.  He’s awesome and on a great track to a successful start of his dental career.  We liked him so much that we decided to have him back for an update on his progress through dental school.

Brandon goes back home to Geneva, Chicago when he’s not in school which prompted a slightly derailed discussion about the World Series.  Justin proves that when you are a successful dentist (like Brandon Evert is going to be) you have no problem going to Game 4 of the World Series and throwing down $1,000 on a table at Cubby’s… just to pre-game before the game itself.  Oh, the life of a dentist.

He right in the middle of his educational career at Indiana University, expected to graduate in 2018.  So, while he is by far our youngest guest to be on the podcast… He proved himself to be quite the budding dentist!  Moody even grilled him over interview questions that they would ask while in the process of graduating or certified.

Fun fact: Brandon also follows another passion of his which is rock music.  He plays guitar and provides vocals for his band, Chasing 401.  They’re pretty cool, so definitely check them out on YouTube!

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