Season One,
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Episode 56: Good Times at the Productive Dentist Academy

September 13, 2016

It’s that time again for another in-studio guest… this time it’s our first RETURN guest, Vicki McManus Peterson!  She originally appeared on the show a couple of weeks ago on Episode 52 and since she was travelling through South Dakota, we thought we’d have her on again!

Our other guest of honor is Bruce B. Baird, DDS who owns Productive Dentist Academy and Comprehensive Finance.  We’ve included his message below:

“When I started Productive Dentist Academy in 2004, my hope was to build a company that would help dentists:

  1. raise their production by a minimum of $300 per hour
  2. increase their take-home salary
  3. work fewer hours with less stress
  4. and do it all while raising the standard of patient care.

They were straightforward and simple goals, but in my 25 + years of practicing, I had not found a program that addressed these areas and gave me specific tools and real strategies for accomplishing each. Probably like you, I had attended my share of CE courses. You know, the ones that sound and look great, but in the practice, just don’t deliver real and measurable business results. Out of my frustration, PDA was born…

As dentist, my highest priority is to be productive and take care of my patients. To work on me so that I can follow-through on the promises I make to the team and my patients. That means I have to get rid of the ‘stinking thinking’ that holds me back. I need to work on my clinical speed, on the services that I provide, and be a leader in time management with the schedule. If that isn’t enough, I need to make sure the team is trained to support our patients and our business goals. The common denominator in all of it is me. That’s another reason why the idea of PDA appealed to me. At the hundreds of courses I attended over the years, I have listened to more than my share of participants whine about their practices. It got old… fast. PDA is not a place where people come to whine and complain and abdicate responsibility. It is a place where doctors accept full responsibility for themselves and their practice. There is common agreement that “It all starts with me.” And, there is excitement and a burning desire to raise the bar and get stronger and better—regardless of where one is starting on the journey.

PDA is better described as a community of friends (attend one of our programs and you’ll see what I mean). Since I began teaching PDA over six years ago, my own productivity has climbed $300 an hour EVERY YEAR. I know the information works.

To date, over 500 practices have attended PDA and that number is growing daily thanks to community-based networks such as Dental Town.

I hope to see and welcome you at an upcoming program. If you have any questions at all, or if you’re ready to enroll, contact Chris at 800.757.6077, ext. 1 or

To your success!

Dr. Bruce Baird, President and Founder”

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