Season One,
61 mins

Episode 44: Make Money, Save Money— Show Us The Money!

August 02, 2016

It’s time to start running your business like a celebrity and make some money doing it!  That’s kind of the approach behind Josh Elledge’s Public Relations enterprise,  He claims that you can’t just sit behind a computer and keyboard and expect your business to grow from there.  Sure that CAN happen— but you need to get out on your feet and EARN your public relations, your spotlight, your business, etc.  Here in Studio 1-A… we agree with him!

We had a fantastic hour long chat with Josh as he delved into his experiences in public relations, his own successes and failures as a business owner and, you have to listen for this reason alone, he gives us tons of FREE information on public relations.  And it’s actually useful stuff!

Interestingly enough, Josh has another successful website that he is running.  It’s called and it’s sole purpose is to help you reduce the cost of your grocery bill each month.  It’s a really cool coupon blog that every household should check out.  Josh has had a crazy amount of success with this website!

Again, check out and, of course, check out

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