Season One,
69 mins

Episode 37: Dental Marketing with The Naked Bike Rider

July 08, 2016

We know you’re probably more interested in finding out who “The Naked Bike Rider” is than actual content about marketing for the dentist, but this podcast actually features some very crucial information on marketing for the dentist. Jacob Puhl, Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Firegang Dental Marketing joins us from Portland, Oregon.

Jake’s focus has always been internet marketing. He began as a Digital Sales Manager for a company producing over $10MM in annual digital revenue, where he managed a 40 person team and 9,000+ clients. Since then he’s worked with hundreds of businesses all over the country, designing websites and using the his online knowledge to help them increase their profits. After marketing for small businesses for several years, Jake realized that new patient marketing was his calling. He noticed that the dental industry was lacking in online marketing strategies and stepped up to fill the void. Since then he has been helping dentists achieve their dreams nationwide.

FireGang wants to thank you for listening to our podcast with Jacob Puhl by sending you their #1 Best Seller on dental marketing book for free.  Visit for more details.

Thanks, Jake!  We hope you have fun and wish you continued success in the world of marketing.  We’ll have you back on soon!


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