Season One,
63 mins

Episode 36: Do-It-Yourself Implants and Photography

July 06, 2016

Ever heard of a dentist placing his own implant in his own mouth?  Well, prepare to have your minds blown— and probably cringe a little.  Daniel Hatch, DDS and Jerome Cha, DDS joined us in Podcast Studio 1-A for our latest episode.  Both were taking a continued education course from Justin over the weekend.  Dr. Hatch joins us from Montrose, Colorado and Dr. Cha joins us from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Cha is a passionate dentist practicing in Tulsa, but he is also a very passionate photographer.  He’s quite good too!  He recently took a trip to Iceland, where he took some amazing photographs.  He goes into how he became interested in photography, the details that go along with it and why we should all have that one hobby that gets us out of the house and out of the office.

Alright, brace yourselves for this one.  Dr. Hatch is a great dentist, sure.  But he truly achieved notoriety due to his YouTube video of him placing an implant in his OWN MOUTH.  Crazy, right?  He goes into the story on our podcast so LISTEN TO HIS STORY FIRST AND THEN… You gotta check out this video of Dr. Hatch placing his own implant.  Check it out on YouTube here:

To learn more about Dr. Hatch’s dental practice, All In One Dental, check out his website at

To learn more about Dr. Cha’s dental practice, visit

Thank you so much, gentlemen, for sharing your stories with us!  We’ll see you next time!


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