Season Two,

Episode 136: A One-Legged Dentist and his Son…

September 08, 2017

Randy Houska, from our previous episode #35, finally joined us in the Black Hills for some post-Sturgis shenanigans and troublemaking.  Turns out, an epic podcast was in-store.  I’d give you more show notes here, but unfortunately, things kind of went off the rails on this one!

Suddenly… an unexpected guest arrives!  Roger Plooster is Justin Moody’s mentor, friend and educator from his days learning the ropes of the dental world in Western Nebraska.

Also, please note that we had about 8 shots of Fireball all lined up for us to take in the studio… Roger Plooster opens the door,  grabs one, shoots it, grabs another shoots it, and then looks around and asks if we have anything stronger.  Between Roger and Pasty, a full bottle of Jameson met its demise.

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