Season Two,

Episode 129: Droppin’ Screws and Drinkin’ Fireball

August 08, 2017

There’s nothing quite like capping off a long day of dropping screws with a couple of shots of cold Fireball. Luis Filipe Mariusso, DMD (one of the many Kentucky boys involved in the Life and Dentistry Podcast), recently joined Dr. Justin Moody at the Brighter Way Dental Center in Phoenix, AZ for three days of live surgeries through Implant Pathway.

Dr. Mariusso summed up his experience on social media: “3 days, 40 implants, 4 sinus augmentations. 235 total implants placed by our group. Countless veterans and underserved patients treated this weekend. I met a great group of doctors and new mentors. Incredible program.” In this episode, Dr. Mariusso reflects on his weekend with Implant Pathway.

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