Season One,

Episode 08: The $10,000-a-Day Dentist

March 22, 2016

Episode #8 marks a unique milestone for Dentists, Implants and Worms!  Typically, our guests have included doctors who are friends, colleagues, mentors and classmates of Dr. Moody— but this time, a fan of our show, Dr. Bill Williams, DDS, reached out to us and expressed interest in being a guest.

It was a pleasure getting to know him and discussing the business details behind an established practice.  Previously, our podcast topics have mostly included business practices for the dentist coming out of dental school or dentists who have recently bought into a private practice.  Dr. Williams gives us some insight on how the 40-65 year old dentist can finish strong in his or her career.

Dr. Williams resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry.  He is a published author and serves as a dental advisor/coach under Solstice Dental Advisors in Atlanta.  His number one key to success is to always have 8 cars in the parking lot at 8am.  Sound advice from Dr. Williams!

You can check out more of Dr. Williams’ work online by visiting and

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